Black Mold

What is Black Mold?

Black mold is a tactic coop survival game. You travel through the city of Hamburg with a team of researchers where a infectious type of mold spread across the whole city with the goal to find a cure for it, traveling deeper and deeper into the devastated city. It is important to work as a team and not only to kill the enemies but to capture them alive for research reasons, to find out the mutations caused by the mold on the people, or better monsters,to understand them, to gain more informations and ressources to be able to proceed in the journey and to survive it especially. Just to rush through and kill all and everyone isn´t the way to go, since ammunation is rare and can´t be carried around in big amounts. Placing traps and interaction with other players is the key to sustain.
The game is like a mixture of recent zombies games released in the last years, with the atmosphere from the game „Metro“, the environment from „The Last of Us“ , the weapon handling from „Rainbow 6 Siege“ and the grim-depressing feeling the movie I AM LEGEND offers , just combined in one game to experience with other players or friends.

Mold Zombie

What happend?

Everything begins 2015. through the melting of the polar caps a ancient mold laying below the ice got set free. This specific mold was a natural defense measure from the earth itself. To achieve a new era , this mold sets free to infect and rot the whole planet to reset it and to create new life from it. The mold laying on a old dead branch blooms up through the sunlight, spreads it spores which get carried away by the wind. This wind and mold reaches the greenlandic town Ammassalik, a town with alot of boat traffic. The mold gets carried into one of the containers of the boats delivering food and other groceries to hamburg. The boat sets off and travels to hamburg, and in while the mold has time to grow and to expand. As this boat arrives in Hamburg, as soon as the container has been opened, the spores literally explode out of the container in a thick cloud and get carried away by the wind right into the middle of the city. Not knowing what kind of mold this is, the groceries and co are being categorized as rotten and beeing disposed off without thinking about it any further.

By disposal, it´s not being burned or something it´s just being thrown away into trash bins, through this way the mold spreads into the metro of Hamburg and other tunnels. After a few months passed, the citizen of hamburg started to complain about the awful rotten smell in the whole town. The city ordered a unknown russian disease-control unit called Tantum to care about the problem and they actually managed to get rid of the mold. But they did a mistake, below the dead mold still were the spores, and mixed with the chemicals they started to mutate over the winter. As soon as it was spring again, the cocons of mutated spores and mold started to explode in the whole city. Like a fog this spores covered the whole town in it, people started to get sick incredibly fast and the city started to „get rid“ of the sick, means they started to kill the sick , shot them in their homes to prevent any more spreading. But it was of no use and the mold spread and spread more accross the whole city. Hamburg became a quarantine zone and got bounded. No one was able to escape anymore, and if they tried they got killed, aswell as no one was allowed to enter the city again.

That didn´t work that well also, and people breached out and fled into colder regions to escape the deadly mold, since the mold starts to go into hibernation mode as soon as it´s too cold.

2 years passed until the fog finally thins out and vanishes and the first people tried to investigate and fight back their old rotten city. People which were infected by the mold were having endless pains and went insane, trying to kill other healthy people. Tantum tried to excuse for this incident happened 2 years which was not intentional, but they were of course blamed and hunted for this and members of Tantum were killed. The remaining researchers and members of Tantum mobilised everything they could for their last battle against this mold. They sent a research team to Hamburg to take samples, to find a cure against this deadly mold.



You can scout through Hamburgs angles and corners completly on your own or you can team up with 3 other players. Hamburg has turned into a mold infested ecosystem. Within these ecosystems a wast amount of different mold species can be found. Many of them are in an ongoing battle for survival where minor molds are devoured by their more advanced competition. You are able to walk freely through all the areas, but your safe return is not certain. Thats why it’s important that your team members coordinate their tasks wisely.

There will be a Team Voice Chat implementent in to the game. But keep in mind mutants will react to any noise they’ll hear, regardless of the source beeing human voices or usual sounds, thus silence is the key while encountering them.

It is important that you realize that you wont be the predator here, you are merely their food. If you die you will lose everything. Upon respawn you might be able to get your lost inventory back by following your bloodtrail which will lead to your body. But beware your body might’ve already be mutated or is displayed as a feast for others.

The ingame currency and ammunition can be attained by collecting samples of the mold and returning them into the base. Your base will be a provisional research centers which were rebuilt out of apartement blocks. Here you will be gearing up, researching and upgrade yourself and the facility.

MAP, Environment & Classes


Because of the mold every single human in Hamburg is mutated. Within this process many mutations inside the DNA of the mold mutated also to adapt to perfectly to their surroundings. Thus some of the molds are more violent and dangerous than others.




Black Mold


Scatter & Mesh



Concepts & Sketches Sub Heading

Hope you liked it!

This is just a small excerpt from my 100 paged Artbook. Sadly the Artbook was written in german and due to the fact that it is my main language i discribe the things there in greater detail than i could give you here. But regardless of that the project „Black Mold“ is still a work in progress. I want to create much more different mold species and give players the ability to choose between more classes than the one i stated here. Same goes for the diffrent areas the players can explore. I really hope that this project of mine can be brought to life one day.

Mold Zombie 1